Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Amethyst Initiative

The 22 August 2008 article discusses the Amethyst Initiative, a group of college professors that has called for a discussion on reducing the drinking age to reduce binge drinking among college students.


Anonymous said...

Susquehanna County contradicts itself by allowing adults to purchase alcohol and tobacco for children who are 13 and 14 yrs old, the complaint has been filed and yet the minor child has recieved a citation and license suspension but yet the adults have recieved nothing from the state police or the DA's office. Photographic evidence and statements have been given proving these allegations and yet still nothing has been done. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT OUR LEGAL SYSTEM IN SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY AND THE PEOPLE WHO UPHOLD THE LAW. Makes people think twice about doing the right thing.

Jason said...


Please contact me at your convenience to discuss this matter. There is not sufficient information in your post for me to review your claim. People should never think twice about doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences. I am certainly willing to sit down with you to determine what, if anything, went wrong, and how we can correct it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Legg

Anonymous said...

not only will i be happy to sit down with you but i will also bring some of the witnesses to these events and show you with out a shadow of a doupt that there are people in certian agencys in this county and law enforcment that are corrupt and only want for there own gain such as your intern who at least was honest about what he wanted(money)my only question to you is if i give you all of this information will you hold those accountable or will you over look the wrong that they did because they are in a position of authority or just say well they are to important can you really hold them accountable and remove them from there position as integrity,honesty,and justice would potray in the novel to kill a mocking bird. can you be the one to stand against all others in a court and stand up for what the law says or will you hide behind the law and protect them i have unequicable evedince that these people are guilty and want a guarrentee that they will be held accountable can you put personal and poffesional frendships aside and put aside any feelings of sympothy for the guilty persons and do the right thing. if you can i will set up a meeting if not i will look for someone who will uphold those things which are right and just.

Jason said...

According to our ethical rules, a prosecutor is expected to be a "minister of justice." As a result, prosecutors are vested with substantial discretion in exercising prosecutorial decisions. Prior to seeing the evidence, there is no way to know what justice requires. From this perspective, I cannot make any promises in the abstract.

Moreover, every investigation should be complete and thorough. This should include interviewing the alleged wronddoers, if they are willing to discuss the matter. After our discussion, the next step would be to follow up on the information that you provide and complete the investigation. At that point, a charging decision would be made.

Finally, as to the suggestion that there are "personal and professional friendships" that may be connected to this matter, there is a vehicle to allow for an appropriate review of the evidence absent any hint of bias. I could refer the matter to the Attorney General for review if there is a conflict apparent in the information that you provide to me. We would need to discuss this further at our meeting to determine whether we believed that this was necessary. If there are truly personal connections, the Attorney General can handle it.