Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interpreting the Constitution

This week's article, 30 October 2008, reflects some recent work of the Supreme Court.


Editor said...

Editor's Note: The following was posted on 5 November by Anonymous. The delay was to "X out" the name of the specific establishment mentioned. The name has been given to the District Attorney but we feel it is inappropriate to impugn a business anonymously here.

"Living within a block of XXXXXX XXXXXX for the last four years, I see daily, patrons stumbling across the street and driving off in their vehicles. I would like to see more people apprehended for committing the crime of drunk driving before they damage property or worse kill someone. Too many times law enforcement acknowledges the situation after the fact. There have been three known deaths this year from patrons leaving that bar and driving off the road or around a telephone pole. Nothing is ever done to correct the situation. Whatever happened to owners being required to keep records of the training that is provided for bartenders? Since the majority of the bartenders are paid "under the table" (which I think is also illegal) it would be difficult to maintain records of training since there are no records of employment. I wish the DUI Task Force were more proactive concerning this known situation before more people die from this preventable tragedy."

Anonymous said...

The DUI Task Force was created 2 years ago to provide an 8-hour random DUI patrol one time per week in Susquehanna County. At this point, the DUI Task force has arrested nearly 50 DUI offenders, and all of those cases have been prosecuted successfully.

The DUI Task Force focuses on making the roadways safer. In terms of establishments serving patrons too much alcohol, there are regulations and rules relative to a liquor license that would prohibit such conduct. The Liquor Control Board enforces those rules, and, if they receive a complaint, will send agents into an establishment to determine whether the establishment is violating any of the regulations.

In the end, the DUI Task Force is a proactive approach and has made Susquehanna County a safer community. Moreover, local communities, such as New Milford Borough, have taken bold steps to contract for police services with another municipality. In the case of New Milford Borough, the Montrose Police Department has already arrested 2 DUI offenders in New Milford Borough after only 1 month of limited patrols in the Borough.

In the end, Susquehanna County is making great strides toward safer highways. While it is not perfect, the law enforcement coverage is better than it was 2 years ago.

Jason Legg