Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This week's article 13 February 2009 presents some of the crime statistics for Susquehanna County in 2008. There is reference to a map showing arrests by Christian Chludzinski a student intern.


Anonymous said...

I like the statistics, how can you argue with the numbers or should I say facts, I like facts, I have some very interesting statistics or again I would presume to say facts, directly from the US Dept. of Health and Human Service 2006 report,this is the most recent one in print I will provide 800# so any one can check these facts! fact #1 table 6-4 children removed from home, child maltreatment 2006 state of PA 4,177 victims of child maltreatment only (415) were removed from the home. Shocking isn't it only 10%, now a more shocking finding is there were 18,894 cases that were found to be non-victims FALSELY ACCUSED out of these falsely accused people they stole 624 children. yes I said stole, shocking isn't it as WYOU Eric Shivner said on the tv Feb. 26,2009 7pm the junvinel injustice system and it goes on some more statistacs in this same report it goes on to say "even though statistical evidence shows that damages from CSA are statistically zero 3.1 million reports of child abuse are filed aginst men each year, more than 90% of which are false." Would you as DA, try a case that the person making these false reports has admitted to lieing and not only lieing but "have been lieing for a long time", how credible would you say this person is? And, now the number before I go on any futher US Dept. of Human Services 1-800-394-3366 direct line.#1 UPI news CPS (child protective services) worker charged with rape May 21,2008 this is with a 4 yr old girl.#2 Daily World July 16, 2008 plea bargain expected soon in child rape case involving former CPS supervisor.#3 Times Hearld April 19, 2008 county child employee suspected of sexaul misconduct#4 nov. 14,2008 EX-CPS worker gets 9 months falsifying documents.#5 Dallas Morning News Aug. 1,2008 legislators blast CPS over lack of staff crimnal checks. #6 Table 5-3, show that out of 4,729 reported cases of maltreatment, 61 children were maltreated in residential facility care,27 were maltreated by foster parents, 643 were maltreated by relatives other than parents, 631 in child daycare,29 by a legal guardian other than parent, 31 by other professional(doctors, therapist, counselors, caseworkers), 461 by undetermined #7 On The cover of Time Magazine "The Shame of Foster Care," dated November 13, 2000, this article states that children in foster care are four times more likely to be maltreated than in the parental home.#8 McClatchy Tribune August 7, 2008 social services officer convicted of child sex abuse, how about the 3000 children missing in Fla. in 2002 or Al Zimmerman 2007 and the Texas youth commission in 2007 and the list goes on and on.(Google these names for the stories) Here are classic examples of the people who are put in authority to serve and protect our childrens best interest, does it look that way to you. This is "horrific" and they get away with it. In most cases you don't hear about these things. they are swept under the rug by those who would rather not be seen with egg on their face. No one will push the issue so it goes un reported at least in the public. Let me ask you, "what do you think should happen to someone who is placed in authority to protect others, and can be proven to have lied in court more than once, to protect there own interest, or the fact that they in error did not do what was expected to in the eyes of justice to be held to a higher standard should also mean be held to a stiffer recourse," when it can be proven beyond any question. Don't you agree? If there is unquestionable evidence that they have lied they should be removed and investigated for there ethics? I hope you print this and not just cover it up, soon it will all be revealed. Can't wait to comment on your next blog topic, "Luzerne Corruption," talk next week.

Vera said...

I would also find helpful statistics showing all other accidents in our county; how many of the total accidents are alcohol-use related
and how many are sober drivers;
what is the percentage of each in the total of car accidents?
are most of the accidents connected to a "drunk", drinking-impaired driver? I am wondering if most accidents happen to sober drivers--and if so, then what can we conclude from this-- that being sober is a liability, also--many factors or several can impair a driver--emotional distress, physical health, poor visibility, poor judgment, animals in the driver's path, etc..-- can Christian include some of these factors in his statistics--I am a non drinker of alchohol and have had several accidents in my lifetime--thanks, Vera Scroggins

Jason Legg said...

As to the assertions made by Anonymous, there is no perfect legal system in this world. There is no doubt that mistakes are made and abuses occur. In terms of the statistics that you have cited, I really do not have time to verify the accuracy of those statistics.

In terms of the prosecution of those making false reports, I have prosecuted such cases, both as juvenile matters and as adult criminal matters. If the state police can verify that a false accusation has been made, then the state police have filed charges. Ultimately, the question often becomes whether you have sufficient evidence to prove that a false accusation was made.

Jason Legg said...


We do not have information on every accident in Susquehanna County in this office. This would require a substantial amount of work outside of this office for Christian to even begin to address the question that you have raised.

The State and Local Police all investigate accidents that are reported, and prepare accident reports. If no criminal charges were filed, this Office would have no record of the accident.

Moreover, there are also accidents that occur where the police are never called.

So, there is no real way to know what is the biggest cause of accidents in Susquehanna County.

I will memntion to Christian your curiosity and have him do a little research to see what he can dig up. I know there are general traffic studies conducted nationally that measure the types of distractions that result in accidents, and I am sure that we could find some of that information for you.

Anonymous said...

What is considered sufficient evidence to have charges filed if a court transscript say's one thing and a voice recording say's another is this sufficient. Would that be enough to file charges or is more needed to prove the lie like statements in these's transscripts, it is very easy to see the lies in them. But when you have the police investigate a report and find no evidence to act on these people (not police) go on and make up more lies to make some one look guilt, and hide behind the law and confidentially. They are not held to the same laws, you can't say they are. How can some one file a court document assuming that a person did some thing and not have any proof of this or even try to prove it. They just say this is so, again no facts other than what they said happened. If it can be proven that the statement was false, is this not more facts that they are lier's and should this not be considered slander,malice. Or, can they be allowed to get away with this because the law says they can't be held liable. How is this a fair weighing of the justic system. When you tie and I dont mean you personally, I think you do a great job,but when you tie the hands of a person and do not allow them any legal recourse this cannot be considered a fair assessment of the justic system, and the law needs to change in this matter when some one can make false accusations against you and you have no recourse.This would mean that any one can have there whole life destroyed by one or more liars and there is nothing that, that person can do about it. Anyone, anywhere, can have this happen at any time your rights get stripped away with no due process.yes this does happen any one in the same situation will agree with me. You would to if you were in this same place. And it would be foolish to think that it can't happen to you or anyone.

Jason Legg said...

Due process is a fundamental cornerstone of our legal system. It protects the rights of citizens from arbitrary or even malicious government action that would theaten a recognized liberty interest.

Due process assures a number of things - but perhaps most importantly, it provides citizens with the right to be heard by an impartial third party (generally a judge or a jury) to determine the appropriateness of any particular government conduct.

This is not a perfect system. While I was in private practice, I lost cases I thought I was going to win, and won cases I thought I was going to lose. When there are differences in testimony, the judge (or jury) is left to sort out fact from fiction.

Corruption at any level in the justice system undermines due process as it taints the entire truth seeking process. By even the corrupt are entitled to due process, and the circle begins again.

In the criminal justice system, the level of proof required for convictions is the highest known in the law -- and rightly so. While this undoubtedly assures that some guilty people escape prosecution, this is a price we must pay in order to assure that innocent people are not wrongfully convicted.

When I speak with victims, they are often frustrated with the sense that the criminal justice system seems to protect the defendants more than the victims. There is some truth to this perception -- but it also serves to protect against the very thing you fear - the prospect of being wrongfully accused.

As a prosecutor, I can tell you that I work hard to make sure that no persons rights are stripped away without due process. Even the unrepresented defendant is assured that his or her rights are protected. Prosecutors have that obligation and duty.