Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sexual Assault Awareness

The 16 April 2009 articleintoduces the pain and misery caused by sexual assault and publicises Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that the system finally works for these victims,as for your article, I am very disgusted at the mother of those girls, any mother who could marry or even be with anyone who molested thier child should also be charged. I would not stand by anyone who hurt my child or for that matter anyone's child. It is so Sick! I to have been a victim of sexual abuse, but it was over 30 yrs ago, and yes I reported it to the perpetrators wife, she told me not to say a word or I would never see my brothers again, as a young child I believed her and then my brothers starting coming to visit me instead of me going there, so I blocked it out and it did not surface until I had my first child 19 yrs ago. The man responsible, suffered a long and painfull illness before his death and I see that as god's way of punishing him for what he did to me and probably many other children. The only regret I have ever had was not being able to confront him as an adult. Now been over 30 yrs later and my own child was molested by a relative and I have had so many different feelings, I don't want to hurt the inocent family members, but I would not and could not just forget it happened, this is my child and I will do what ever possible to protect my children, though if one of my children molested another child, I would not beable to be around them, it would disgust me. ANYONE who can hurt and inocent child should be prosecuted, though I do feel that if the perp. is a child themselves, there is a reason they are doing this and it should be taken differently, that child needs help to see why this has happened, though I would never allow contact again EVER, putting them in juvinille detention is not always the best way, I think with the right treatment a child perp. can be helped, though for and adult I am adament that they should go to jail, because they are taking thier power and using it to take advantage. And if a wife or girfriend stays with the person that hurt her children then she should be charged and have them taken away.

Anonymous said...

i agree 110% with the article above and feel the same way i would also add that any parent who would allow a admitted child molster back in their home after they admitted to molseting their child should have some type of restrictions placed on them as well. and then you have those who are falsley accused when the so called victim admitts to lying to those who are supposed to help them and destroying the lifes of those people they are accusing this person and those who are responsible to find the truth, admitt to not checking into the facts to prove whether or not this happened they just make wild acusations. they to should be held accountable of a false accution, that can destroy the life or lives of the people who are beinging accused. and for what, so that they can sit and hide behind the fact that they would rather be safe then find the truth and hold the liar accountable. a good question is why would some one lie about something like this, an even better question when that person admitts to lying to those who are there to help them why would any one belive that person. if the pot and kettle are black why call them any other color, they are black not grey or a shade of black they are black. if a person admitts to being a liar then they are not a liar sometimes, but all the time a liar is a liar. a funny thing i heard on judge judy about a month ago when there was a case where achild shot out the window in some ones home and denied it judge judys comment was truthful and to the point she asked the parents of the child who of course denied the fact that he was the one responsible and the parents agreed he would never do some thing like that her statement to those parents was mr & mrs @#^$&%* do you know how to tell when a child is lying to get out of trouble the answer is, "every time they open there mouth." how true, when ever a child is in trouble or is not getting there way they will lie how true, how true. i am not saying that all children lie all the time but when it comes to getting in trouble or lyying to get out of it what do you think they will do. and what about the one who admitts to being a liar boldly and proudly to get what they want what do you do then. the only thing you can you hold them accountable. accountable for all the damage they have caused, and all those they have hurt.

Jason Legg said...

We have charged mothers who were aware that their child was being abused and did nothing to protect the child. I can think of at least three such cases over the past 10 years. The charge is Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

In terms of charging the mother who continues to support the perpetrator after his arrest, this is a little different situation. In the scenario portrayed in the column, it is possible that the facts may have supported a criminal charge, i.e., intimidating a witness. The problem with this approach is that the reluctant child will be forced to testify against the mother as well as the perpetrator. If you alienate the victim by charging the mother, you may end up without a cooperating witness for any of the cases.

The better approach has generally been to work with Children & Youth Services to communicate with the interfering mother and convince her that it is time to look out for her child, not the perpetrator. If the mother continues in a course that is plainly contrary to the child's interest, the child can be taken away from the mother and placed with another person, most likely another, more supportive family member.

Jason Legg said...

As to the concerns expressed about false accusations, I can only say that in my experience over the past 10 years that the law enforcement community is cautious when proceeding with sexual assault charges. Investigations are thorough and charges are filed only when the case is strong. When the state police have questions on these cases, they will call me to discuss the facts to determine whether charges are appropriate.

Anonymous said...

and what about the children and abusers i mean youthers they lie through there teeth to do and get the results they want rather than admitt they are wrong when you have a child that has admitted she lied to her case worker mother and others and they dont care what then when some one from cys can tell you some thing doesent exist and you have that item who is the liar then. and lets face it the state police are more affraid of cys as the every day person they have children and know that if cys wants you or your children they will take them they are the only agency that can come into your home without a warrent or probable cause and take what they want and there is nothing that can stop them and the police officers who have children know this. all any one has to do is file a complaint founded or not and they can take your children if they want or if you dont conform to what they want you to do most of these cys workers have no more than a high school education. and yet they have more power than the police and county officals. take a good look at this agency i have ihave seen the corruption in more than one of the people who work there. if you would sit and defend them you are no better than they are. proof is what i have, and proof is what will be brought out at the right time, you will see, those who have decived you and lead you down this path.

Jason Legg said...

The last comment is filled with error and unfair accusations. It is difficult to even know where to begin.

First, the State Police are not "afraid" of Children & Youth Services. The State Police and Children & Youth work together on many cases of child abuse. This is not to say that they always agree with each other. Each agency serves a distinct and different function. I can assure you that the State Police act independent of any pressure from Children & Youth Services.

Second, Children & Youth Services performs an overwhelming important service in protecting dependent children. The entire system is set up in a manner that protects the child in addition to providing safeguards to protect the rights of parents. It would take a great deal of time and effort to outline the procedural mechanisms that parental rights are not unjustly violated. The sheer volume of these protections demonstrates this point.

Third, if there is proof of corruption, I would suggest that it be produced now - not "at the right time." It seems inherently cowardly to blog anonumously casting dark innuendo and slanderous allegations without respite against an entire agency. If you have proof, produce it.

Fourth, I have been prosecuting cases for nearly 10 years. Over that time, I have dealt with a lot of abused children and I have seen just how much Children & Youth Services helps those children to heal and overcome terrible abuses. No agency, entity or person is perfect. But honest mistakes do not translate to malice or corruptiuon.