Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day

The1 May 2009 article is a very personal story for Mother's Day. Mr. Legg thanks his mother for choosing life.


Vera Scroggins said...

wonderful story of your mother and her choosing life for you and
all the best to her in her health
miracles happen every day and may a miracle happen for her;
her Birthday is the same as mine, Jan. 26 and I am a year older; turned 58 this year;
thanks, for this Mother's Day story and appreciation of your Mom;
Vera Scroggins, Brooklyn, Pa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,

Glad to see your able to continue to write for the Weekender. Sorry to hear your column has been dropped from the Independent. Your last Mother's day writing is much appreciated by this writer and his wife, Barbara.

Hope and Pray to see U back in the Independent soon.

In His Service,

Tim & Barbara Wymbs

Luke Thomas said...

Dear DA Legg,

Thank you for such a positive article relating to Mothers Day.
I feel your Mom was truly honored by you in this writing.
Thank you for all of your hard work and for caring so much for our community.
Luke A. Thomas, Harford PA

Jason Legg said...


After seeing my Mom on life support in January, with the real prospect of "turning the machines off," I believe I am witnessing a miracle now - even if her life is much more difficult. Every extra day is a miracle - though the ultimate miracle will come when she passes from the pain of this world to the promise of eternal life.

Thank your for your thoughtfulness.


Jason Legg said...

Mr. & Mrs. Wymbs,

My understanding is that the Independent includes the column when they have room for it. Otherwise, they put it in the Weekender.

It is also my understanding that that the Weekender has a larger circulation as it goes out for free to all of the homes in the reading area.

The column also appears weekly in the Susquehanna County Transcript, and, if you miss it there, it is archived at the DA website.

I really appreciate your reading the column, and especially the feedback concerning the Mother's Day column. It was intended to honor Mom, and, by extension, all Mothers. I am relieved that you believe that it accomplished this task in some small measure.

Thanks for your kindness.


Jason Legg said...

Mr. Thomas,

I appreciate your feedback and your support. I am very grateful that the Mother's Day column has touched in some small way so many people - and that it reminded people just how special Mothers are.

Thank you again for your kindness.