Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Death and DUI

The 5 June 2009 article tells the story of Jesse Walton who drank some beer and drove into some trees killing his female passenger.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, drinking and driving must stop. Adults must act like adults and stop buying alohole for their children. I suposse people are so stupid these days they do not see the importance of DUI unless it strikes in their home
wake up America DUI it's not a joke..
-Dee. M.-

Jason Legg said...

Unfortunately, there is a culture of people who actually believe that they can drive safely while intoxicated. The statistics show that the average drunk driver has committed the offense on countless occasions prior to finally being apprehended for the first offense.

When I speak to people who argue that the DUI laws are too tough, I simply ask them whether they have ever sat across from a young mother and father who just lost their five-year old to a drunk driver. I have - and will never allow myself to forget the pain, loss and agony in their hearts.

There is nothing funny about drunk driving. In the end, the most important thing we can do is change the permissive culture that accepts drunk driving.

Thanks for the comments.