Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Acting Stupidly

The 31 July 2009 article relates to the comment of President Obama about the Cambridge, Massachusetts, police.

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Peter said...

Mr Legg

While I am only a part time resident of Susquehanna County, I still subcribe to the Independent and have been a reader for many years. I look forward to reading your articles, seek it out and read it first very often. First let me tell you that Susquehanna Cty is very lucky to have a DA like yourself. Your recent article "Acting Stupidly" confirms my belief. It is obvious to me that you have the character necessary to pursue real justice, not the justice thought up by some politician with the help of the best PR people in the country and that you are not afraid to stand up and be counted when you see injustice of any kind (not just the politically incorrect kind). Mr Legg, I take off my hat to you. Thank you for being the kind of American that would make our forefathers proud. I was beginning to think there was none left.

Your friend in Illinios