Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The 25 March 2010 article is about The Passion and the specific example of Mr Legg's mother.


Anonymous said...

Jason, Thanks for the wonderful article dealing with Holy Week and the suffering which your mom has undergone. There is much to be said concerning this topic, and much has already been written. I thought of you and your mom during the midst of a Good Friday sermon at a church distant from our county, which sermon I will mail to you today or Monday. May the blessings of Christ Jesus, who suffered greatly to reconcile us to God, be upon you, your mom, and your entire family throughout the coming year.

John Kameen said...

Dear Atty. Legg. What a marvelous tribute to your mom. She was obvioulsy a very special person who influenced many lives even other than those of your family. Just another indication how families with hardships can have successful outcomes if there is a strong father, mother or both. We are very fortunate to have had such wonderful parents. May she rest in peace.