Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Father's Action

The 26 February 2010 article tell the story of a recently prosecuted case. Do you agree with the listener?


Mark said...

The handling of the case sounds reasonable to me. I'm glad to know my wife would not condone such behavior by my daughter(s), I'll tell you that! But the father's reaction strikes me as way over the line of acceptable behavior, no matter where one lives.

Changing the topic: it may be hard to write about, but any insights into the Luzerne corruption situation you can offer (based on your Commission role) would be very interesting to read. But I understand if you do not feel able to comment on the topic based on the nature and status of the ongoing investigation.

Jason Legg said...

At the sentencing proceeding, the Judge noted that he could understand the defendant's anger that two boys were in his daughter's bed, but he could not understand the reaction.

In the end, the Court retained the ability to sentence the defendant to simply a sentence of probation. But the gravity of the defendant's conduct required some period of incarceration - not only for punishment of the defendant, but also to make certain that the community understood that this kind of conduct cannot be tolerated.

I have two daughters, and while they are still far too young to worry about this type of conduct - and I know my wife and I would not tolerate such behavior, i.e., the co-ed slumber party in the daughter's bed.

Finally, as to the my experiences on the Interbranch Commission, it has been a tremendous experience and, upon the conclusion on the Commission's work, I will comment upon some of my personal insights and conclusions. At this point, such personal observations would not be appropriate.